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Se Toyota Financial Services fortelle hvordan de fikk kontroll på dokumenter og filer

Toyota Financial Service opplevde å ikke finne igjen filer og dokumenter de produserte og tok i mot. Det var lite informasjon til brukeren om hvordan de skulle håndtere dokumenter, og dermed ble det...
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How we redesigned our business model to prepare for growth

From startup to scaleup Contesto was founded in 2001 as a document management solution provider. The mission was to help businesses with document management, and to deliver document management...
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Next Step across the plateaus of Growth

“This is the next big thing.” Too many passionate entrepreneurs with a great idea the sky is in reach. However, over 85% of new ventures fail within 10 years – even without a pandemic or economic...
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How records management can reduce risks

How records management can reduce risks
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10 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Records Management

10 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Records Management Records Management ensure that reliable evidence of business is created, captured, managed and made accessible to those who need it, for as long...
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Have Gmail made us lazy and unstructured?

Have Gmail made us lazy and unstructured? We hear it all the time. The amount of data and information is exploding in a faster pace than ever. We produce and collect information like never before,...
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For climate´s sake, digitalize!

How can a digital transformation affect the climate? Every time you send an email, or carry out another digital task for that matter, there is a computer or server somewhere demanding power to finish...
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How To Structure You Records

Oil and gas companies produce and collect lot of information Equinor, for example, have approximately 40 petabytes(!) of data. If that information was printed out, it would fill up 800 million four...
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