For climate´s sake, digitalize!

How can a digital transformation affect the climate?

Every time you send an email, or carry out another digital task for that matter, there is a computer or server somewhere demanding power to finish the operation. And since power consumption leads to power production, it has an impact on the climate.

A new study carried out by OVO Energy, England´s leading energy supply company, show that if everyone in the UK sent one less unnecessary email (like “thanks, “LOL”, “have a nice day” etc) it could cut 16.422 tons of CO2!

Now think of how many unnecessary documents you have created, and how many times you have to create a new version because you did not find the original. Our experience, and other studies, show that one third of working hours are spent recreating already existing documents and 20% of the time go to searching for documents and information.

All this unnecessary time spent on obsolete document – and information tasks is not only time consuming and inefficient, but also power-demanding tasks, like the unnecessary emails being sent, and causes servers and computers to use more energy.

The study about emails concluded that if everyone sent one email less, it would have a significant impact on the CO2-emissions. Imagine if companies deployed processes and tools that enabled their staff to easily and instantly find the information they need. Can we dare to conclude that true digital transformation, that is, a better interaction between technology, information, processes and people, could not only be good for business, but also good for the climate?

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